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Best Splitting Maul - Guide & Reviews

The best splitting maul is one that is effective without being extremely heavy or expensive. First though, a splitting maul is a type of axe whose one side is sharp-edged and the other side is shaped and sized like a sledgehammer. The head weighs up to 8 pounds and the cutting edge is not supposed to be very sharp. This is the choice for anyone who is willing to break a sweat while splitting wood, whether for sport or whether or for warming the house.

The splitting maul has a history spanning ages, right from the Stone Age to the present day. During the Stone Age, man made cutting tools out of stone. He would sharpen one end of the stone, ensuring that it was sharp enough to cut. The other side was bulkier and heavier and was the part that was held during cutting. This tool was known as the hand-axe. This is probably the prototype of each and every cutting tool that is seen today and was made between 300,000 and 500,000 years ago. After the hand axe, we saw the material used for making tools change over the course of time, from iron to steel. A splitting axe is in the shape of a hand axe but with more precision, made of better material and with a handle used on it.

The main use of a splitting maul as discussed in this article is its use in wood splitting. The splitting maul has both a sledgehammer and a cutting edge, and the cutting edge is used for making breaks on the log, and these weaknesses allow for the wood to break through. The sledgehammer side gives the maul a sharp slope, which makes the splitting maul less inclined to get stuck in the log. Traditionally, mauls were also used as weapons. As a weapon, the sharp side of the maul was used with the intention of cutting and the hammer side was used for hitting the enemy. Gory, I know!

You have probably heard of and used an axe or a splitting maul before, and you are wondering why a splitting maul would be a better choice. The following are splitting maul reviews that should explain why.


  • A maul is better for splitting bigger and heavier logs which might not the case with a splitting axe. This is because with of the weight of the sledgehammer which aids in the application of the weight required to break the log.
  • As compared to a wedge, it is easier to use a maul. This is because a maul rarely gets stuck inside a log, which is almost always the case with a splitting wedge.
  • A splitting maul has a longer handle as compared to a splitting axe. This means that the accuracy of the maul is better than that of the axe.
  • The sledgehammer on the maul gives it a steeper slope. This is advantageous as the maul has a less chance of getting stuck in the log as compared to an axe.

Therefore, if you are wondering whether to use a splitting maul, a splitting wedge or an axe, just look at exactly what you want to split then decide which one will be a better option.

The Splitting Maul Buying Guide

So you have decided that you want to buy a splitting maul. Great choice, by the way, the power that is associated with splitting wood with a maul is exhilarating. So you have headed on Amazon or any other online shop to buy one, then realize that you don’t know what exactly to look for when buying a splitting maul.

The following are what you have to look out for when buying a maul.

1. The Handle

The handle is one of the factors that have to be carefully considered. The handle is the part that is held while swinging the maul. The available handles for mauls are the traditional wooden ones and the ones made from fiberglass and other composites. The choice of a fiberglass or a wooden handle is all dependent on what you prefer. Fiberglass handles are lighter as compared to wood handles. Therefore, if you prefer a lighter handle, fiberglass is the choice for you. Also, if you want a smoother handle which is easier on the wrist, fiberglass is a great option. Wood is, however, better preferred by most people.

2. The Head

The head is the metallic part of the maul that is directly used for splitting the wood. It weighs between 6 to 8 pounds. The head has one side made in the shape of a sledgehammer, and the other side is sharpened and shaped like an axe. Ensure that the socket of the head is durable, which ensures that the handle holds well as you are swinging.

3. The Weight

The weight of the head is one of the major determinants when it comes to the effectiveness of your maul. A heavier head ensures that the log splits easier if it is swung properly. However, this weight might be impossible to carry for anyone with a slight body. The weight that you decide on when picking a maul should be dependent on the size of the logs as well. Light logs or the splitting of wood into kindling may require a less weighty maul.

4. Balance

Math has a lot to do with splitting wood. This is because the accuracy of the maul has to be precise, and it is determined by the handle, the weight of the head and the balance of the maul. On the other hand, the balance of the maul is dependent on the ratio of the weight of the head and the length of the handle, in addition to the overall shape and design of the maul. The balance of a splitting maul is important because it aids in the accuracy of your swings. A better-balanced maul is more accurate than one that is not balanced, and you will use less effort while splitting your wood.

5. The Craftsmanship

The ideal splitting maul is made of a continuous handle and a firmly-jointed head and handle. This maul should not shake or wobble on the head, as this makes it more prone to breaking. Therefore, while buying a splitting maul, ensure that you pick one that has great craftsmanship and is steady.

6. The Job

If you are buying a maul that is to be used for splitting heavy logs and wood, a maul with a heavier head weight would be recommended. This is because every swing will deliver more power onto the wood, which will lead to an easy split on it. However, if the maul you are looking for is one that is to be used to split much lighter wood or kindling, a maul with a lighter head would be more ideal.

Now that you know exactly what to look for when buying a maul, the following are splitting maul reviews that include splitting mauls that will give you value for your money. These are the best splitting mauls in the market, and you can get them from Amazon at a fair price. As I said, you get the value for your money.

1. Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36 Inch


  • It is 36 inches in length from the tip of the handle to the head.
  • It weighs 8 pounds.
  • It is made specifically for taller people.
  • It has a perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio.
  • It has an advanced bevel convex blade geometry.

Most tall people are faced with a number of conveniences in their everyday activities. The ladies cannot seem to find a tall enough man and then there is the legroom while flying. However, as a tall person shopping for a splitting maul, breathe, because you are covered by the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, hence first as the best splitting axe. The perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio ensure that the speed of your swings is increased, which ensures that the power hitting the log leads to a sure split.

Fiskars x27 Axe, Fiskars x27 Splitting Axe

The 36-inch length is accompanied by a head weight of 4 pounds, which makes it a very light maul. However, this means that it is not preferred for use for heavier logs. This is however supplemented by the really sharp cutting edge to ensure efficiency. The handle is shock-absorbing which helps prevent overstriking. It comes with a sheath for protection of the head, and the price is quite affordable. On top of all this, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The main disadvantage of this maul is its low weight. This weight means that the impact power is less, hence it is not suitable for use on heavy logs. Also, because of this low weight, the cutting edge has to be kept absolutely sharp to ensure the maul’s efficiency is maintained.

2. Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul, 36 Inch


  • The head weighs 8 pounds.
  • The length of the maul from the head to the tip of the handle is 36 inches.
  • Has a patented shock system which absorbs shock and reduces the punishment your body receives.
  • It has a handle flare whose aim is to keep the tool firm.
  • It has dual layer features.
  • The head is firmly fixed on the handle.
  • It is heat-treated for durability.

Coming second on the best splitting axe reviews is the Fiskars Iso Core. This splitting maul qualifies as one of the best splitting mauls due to the sheer strength associated with it. It is a powerful maul whose head is forged with premium steel, which aids in intense wood splitting while reducing the fatigue that is associated with splitting wood.

This head is also riveted and inseparable from the handle, which ensures that it is steady as you split your wood. One side of the head, the sharpened side, is used for splitting the log while the sledgehammer side is used for driving wedged through logs, you, therefore, get twice the functionality from just a single tool! To reduce the shock and fatigue on your body, even more, this maul has a patented shock system.

The head, which is firmly fixed on the handle, has optimized geometry to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of this maul using a little effort. The handle is designed to comfortably fit your hand, and it is made of two insulating layers which aid in dampening any lingering vibration on your hands.

3. Estwing EFF4SE 4-Pound Special Edition Splitting Maul


  • It is forged in a single piece from the head to the handle.
  • It features a genuine stacked leather grip.
  • The cutting edge is two and three-eighths inches in length.
  • It weighs a total of 4 pounds.
  • The length from the head to the tip of the handle is 14.2 inches.

Estwing is an established brand and is known for its high-quality products, right from their splitting wedges to their splitting mauls. This maul is no different. The first advantage of this maul is the fact that it is a continuous tool from the head to the handle.

This ensures that it is stable and does not shake or twist as you are using it to split wood. The length is appropriate for its use in splitting smaller logs and is also quite accurate. The handle is made of genuine leather and it makes splitting wood not only comfortable but also quite safe. The weight of the maul is only 4 pounds, which is lighter than most mauls and makes it easier for use for any small person.

The edge of this maul is quite sharp, and this makes it very easy for splitting wood with little effort. It is especially effective for splitting wood into kindling. So if you are an adrenaline junkie who loves wiping the sweat off his brow while splitting wood, Estwing EFF4SE splitting maul is the perfect choice for you.

4. Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul


  • The length of the handle is 31 inches.
  • The face of the head has a length of two and a half inches.
  • This maul comes with a grain-leather sheath.
  • It has a perfectly-aligned handle.
  • The head is center-balanced.
  • The cutting edge is quite sharp.
  • The head weighs five and a half pounds.

The splitting maul, unlike the axe, is used for splitting rather than for cutting wood. Therefore, a maul has to pack quite an amount of weight to ensure that it splits the wood apart quite cleanly. This maul does just that, as its head weighs a good five and a half pounds. This weight puts the weight on the fibers along the log to aid in splitting and preventing it from getting stuck inside the wood.

This maul is easier to handle and control due to its balance which was quite good. The handle of this maul is quite long at 31 inches, and this aids in a greater angle of accuracy. It is wooden, thus giving it quite a firm grip while ensuring that it is comfortable and safe in the hand. The handle is safely secured inside the head of the maul, which ensures that it doesn’t shake or twist while using it. This ensures its effectiveness.

The maul comes with a leather handle which is used to hold the head of the maul. The splitting maul reviews on Amazon suggests that this maul is quite durable and stays for a longer period without losing its value, and the tempered steel that is used to make the head confirms this. In short, this maul is an absolute value of every penny you spend on it.

The major con is the facts that you will spend quite an amount when buying it.

5. Truper 30958 8-Pound Splitting Maul, 36 Inches Fiberglass Handle


  • This splitting maul weighs 8 pounds.
  • The length from the head to the tip of the handle is 36 inches.
  • The handle is made of double-injected fiberglass.
  • The handle has a rubber grip.
  • Drop forged maul round bevel-edged striking face.

The first pro of this maul is its absolute affordability. This maul costs less than the average maul in the market. However, don’t be scared that this affordable price might nor reflect a high-quality product because this is a high-quality maul. First, the handle of this maul is made of fiberglass, which makes it lighter than one made of wood. The handle has a rubber grip at the end, which makes it very safe and comfortable to hold while splitting your wood.

This rubber grip also aids in shock absorption. The weight of the head of this maul makes it appropriate for use on very heavy logs, and this can be done faster than the while using the average maul. The Truper Company that produces this brand of maul is an established company with a great record. The quality of this maul is thus assured.

The major con of this product is probably its handle, which some people find weaker than the standard maul with a wooden handle.

6. HUSQVARNA Splitting Maul


  • The length of this maul from the tip of the handle to the head is 32.3 inches.
  • This splitting maul weighs 7.2 pounds.
  • Its handle is wooden.
  • The head is made out of high-quality steel.

Husqvarna is a Swedish Company with a long-standing reputation for producing products of the absolute highest quality. This maul is forged out of high-quality Swedish Steel, and this gives this product a longer life span due to its strength. This maul can be used for splitting both medium and large-sized logs, and its weight punches enough power to ensure that the log is split by the application of less force.


The head of this maul is powerful enough to split even the most stubborn logs. The hickory handle swings easily and is very comfortable to hold and swing. However, it is quite heavy at 5 pounds and requires quite an amount of strength to swing it. A wooden and steel wedge is used to secure the handle firmly onto the head. This ensures that there is no swinging on the head which ultimately ensures that the head doesn’t come loose. This maul comes with a leather sheath that is used for protecting its head. The weight of this maul makes it less likely to get stuck in the log as you are splitting.

The major con of this maul is that it is quite weighty, and therefore it cannot be used for splitting smaller logs, and neither can it be used by a person who cannot comfortable swing it.

7. Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter


  • The length of this maul from the tip of the handle to the head is about 36 inches.
  • The weight of the maul is 6.7 pounds.
  • It comes with a simple cap screw retainer and hex key.
  • Handles are replaceable.
  • It has a built in safety feature to ensure that lose heads are kept on the handle.

This is the best splitting maul for anyone who is a sucker for a combination of quality and functionality. The Vario 2000 is a powerful wedge that is made specifically for the most difficult logs. The combination of the deep wedge and the weight delivers a very powerful strike, which splits even the heaviest of logs.


Its handle is made of fiberglass, which makes it relatively lighter as compared to how much it would way if the handle was wooden. This handle is also advantageous because it is unbreakable due to the material that is used to make it, hence there is no need to replace it after a few months or so.

The handle is waterproof and heat-proof, hence more durable. The head of this maul is forged in Germany and is made of high-grade carbon steel. It is heat-treated and oil-hardened to ensure its durability. The weight of the head gives it a sure swing, which ensures that every time you hit a log, it splits.

8. True Temper Sledge Eye Wood Super Splitter Maul – 1190400


  • The axe head weighs 4 pounds.
  • The core handle is 36 inches in length and is made of fiberglass for maximum strength.
  • The handle is molded for a firm grip.
  • Contains an overstrike protection included in the design.

The list of the best splitting mauls would be incomplete without the True Temper Sledge Eye. This is a 4-pound splitting maul which is ideal for splitting heavy logs. It is also light enough to ensure that it can be used to split smaller logs. The fiberglass handle makes it lighter than your standard maul, hence easier to swing for anyone who cannot handle a heavy maul.

The handle guard on the maul is designed to ensure that as you are swinging the maul, it doesn’t slip due to the hard grip. The splitting head, as well as the design method is made to be durable, ensuring that it survives for longer. The length of this maul enables you to swing it with barely any difficulty, and the weight ensures that every swing is a sure split. It is also quite affordable.

The major disadvantages of this maul are, first, the fiberglass handle may not be preferred by some people. Moreover, even though it is as affordable as a Fiskars maul, it lacks some features of the Fiskars.

9. Mintcraft PRO 34004 Wood Splitting Maul


  • The total weight of this maul is 6.6 pounds.
  • The head of this maul weighs 4.5 pounds.
  • The handle is made of fiberglass.
  • The length of the maul from the tip of the handle to the head is 34 inches.
  • The cutting edge is sharpened.

This is a superior maul that takes its place in the splitting axe review because of its simple design. This maul is made for simple splitting jobs. However, it is not just your basic axe as it comes with extra features like the fiberglass handle, which makes it lighter and easier to use for the average guy. Its steel head ensures the durability of this axe, and the fiberglass handle is also quite long-lasting. If you want a maul-next-door, this is the best axe for you.

The cons of this axe lies solely in its simplicity. The lightweight and simple design make it the choice for light jobs, but this means that any heavy splitting cannot be managed by this maul. Moreover, the fiberglass handle does not have the shock-absorbing technology.

10. Wilton Tools 50836 8 lb Head – 36 inches B.A.S.H Splitting Maul


  • Its head weighs 8 pounds.
  • It is 36 inches long from the head to the tip of the handle.
  • It has unbreakable handle technology.
  • Steel rods that have been used as reinforcements on the handles have eliminated breaking.
  • It has an anti-vibe neck which absorbs vibrations.
  • It has a no-slip grip of vulcanized rubber on the handle.
  • The total weight of the maul including the handle 10 pounds.

This is a superior maul that has quite a number of advantages, and these advantages place it in the list of the best splitting maul reviews. First, and most notably, is its handle. The handles are reinforced with six steel rods that run the entire length of the shaft into a safety plate found in the head of the striking device. These rods make the handle very strong and almost unbreakable. Wilton has a $1000 challenge for anyone who can break their handles.


They are that confident of the strength of their handles! The head is held in a safety plate that ensures that the head of the maul stays in the handle. It would be very unfortunate if, while swinging your maul to strike a log, the head flew out and possibly cause an accident. The weight of this maul also makes it best for use in splitting the heavier logs.

The major and probably only con is the price of this maul. It is a bit on the expensive side. However, this maul’s quality is an absolute value for your money.

Final Verdict

For those who warm using wood, a splitting maul is a must-have tool in the home. This tool is preferred to a splitting axe and a splitting wedge because of a number of things, mostly functionality. A maul is less likely to get stuck in a heavy log as compared to a wedge, and it also splits heavy logs with more ease than a standard axe. There are many factors that you should take into consideration while picking a maul. They are the head of the maul, the handle, the weight, the balance, the craftsmanship of the maul and the job that the maul is supposed to do. Affordability must also be taken into account. Therefore, before picking a maul to buy, ensure that you have taken all these factors into consideration.

Now let use get into the recommended mauls above.

First, we will look at the maul that is appropriate for a heavy duty. The best maul for such a job has to be heavy, as heavier mauls punch in more power as compared to lighter ones. The best choices for heavy duty jobs from the list above would be the Fiskars Iso Core, whose head weight 8 pounds, the Gransfors Bruks whose head weighs five and a half pounds, the HUSQVARNA, which weighs a total of 7.2 pounds and the Helko Vario 2000, which weighs a total of 6.7 pounds.

Looking at affordability, the most affordable mauls from the list above are the Truper 30958 Splitting Maul, the True Temper Sledge Eye, and the Fiskars X27.

The handle is a very important aspect when choosing a maul. In the best splitting maul review above, a number of mauls stand our due to their handles. First on this list is the Wilton Tools Maul which has a virtually unbreakable handle. The Truper 30958 Maul which has a rubber handle for a firm grip and the Helko Vario 200 with a replaceable handle also make it on this list.

Finally, if you want a maul that can be used for light jobs like the splitting of wood into kindling, there are a number of mauls that would be just perfect for you. First, the Fiskars X27 is a light maul that can be used for light jobs. The Estwing EFF4SE and the True Temper Sledge Eye also make it onto this list.

The choice of a maul should not be very difficult now.